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I blog regularly at Velvet Glove, Iron Fist. Here are a few of my articles published elsewhere...

The lockdown's founding myth

The lockdown debate has morphed into a rerun of the Brexit wars

Covid has exposed the political pygmies governing our politics

Unlearning the lessons of prohibition

Don’t trust that meme: Prince’s death at 57 was no music industry average

The rotten World Health Organisation should be reformed or abolished

Dispersing the clouds of the vape panic myth

Shiny happy people? The madness of the Happy Planet Index

Groupthink attack on scientists has a long history

If high prices curbed drinking, we’d all be sober

Ignore the headlines. Diet drinks don’t make you fat

How to tell the nanny state to go to hell in five easy stages

Meet the 'sock puppets' waging war on your freedom

Revealed: Public Health England’s cosy love-in with the anti-alcohol lobby

Alcohol Labelling: Could good intentions lead to unintended consequences?

E-cigarettes above Ebola? How the WHO lost the plot

No, obesity isn’t ‘set to soar’ — I’d bet money on it

Conspiracy theories: back and to the left?

No wonder Britain’s alcohol guidelines are so extreme – just look at who drafted them

The war on drugs began 100 years ago today: Let's hope it doesn't last another century

The Times is panicking about a gambling epidemic but its story doesn’t add up

The truth about moderate drinking has been muddied by anti-alcohol militants

Denmark’s fat tax was a failure — but revisionists are trying to rewrite the story

The myth of the smokefree health miracle

‘Health guidelines’ are about forcing a change in the law, not changing behaviour

Vapers deserve to be angry – they are under attack

Why should Public Health England be allowed to stop us choosing between taste and fewer calories?

A black market in booze fearmongering

A tooth decay crisis? Actually British teeth are healthier than ever

Government right to resist demands for new food laws

Weighing up your cancer risk every time you drink isn’t rational — it’s miserable

Cheese, ‘as addictive as crack cocaine’? Heavy users don’t need to worry

Smoking out ‘deniers’ and ‘dissidents’

The economics of Christmas

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